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Topics for Further Study

(Novels for Students)

  • Pretend that you have been asked to go before your board of education to argue for censoring this book or for including it in the school library. Prepare a statement, using examples for the book itself and from other research you conduct on censorship. Read your statement to your class.
  • Choose a partner and write a dialogue between two of the characters, covering an area of the story that was not fully detailed. For instance, you could write a dialogue between Katherine and Erica that takes place after Katherine returns home and has broken up with Michael. What would the two friends say? Or you could write a dialogue between Michael and Artie, after Artie has been released from the hospital. Choose a portion of the book you are comfortable with. Then act out your dialogue (with a classmate) in front of your class.
  • Jamie is portrayed as an artist who creates designs that her arents then make into rugs. Imagine that a play based on Forever … is going to be staged at your school. You are in charge of set designs, and you need to reproduce the scene in Katherine's house in which Katherine introduces Michael to her family. Create a rug design that the family is working on. Make it as imaginative as you can to reflect Jamie's creativity.
  • Gather as much information as you can about teenage pregnancies in your city or state. Compare them to national averages. Then go back a couple of decades. Has the rate decreased or increased since then? What are the experts saying has made a difference? Present your findings to your class.