Chapter 9 Summary

Standing at the entrance to the cave, Robert Jordan and the others watch the Fascist airplanes fly overhead. The planes are flying so low they can see the pilots’ faces and scarves. Pablo fears that they can see his horses, but Pilar says that they can probably see his cigarette butts, so they should come back inside and cover the entrance with the blanket. When they hear no more planes, they leave the cave open.

As they make plans to leave, Pilar asks Robert Jordan if they should ride or walk. He says it is her choice, so she chooses walking because it is good for the liver. Pablo asks Robert Jordan if he wants a horse for himself, but he declines. He asks Maria if she wants a horse, but Pilar says it is better for her to walk because riding will cause her to get stiff “in too many places and serve for nothing.” Robert Jordan blushes at her insinuation. Pilar asks him if he slept well and repeats her earlier pronouncement that Maria has no diseases, though it is a miracle that she escaped catching something from her captors.  She asks him if they made love, but he does not reply, so she knows they did. Robert Jordan is concerned that Maria might become pregnant, but Pilar thinks that is the least of their worries. Maria will go with Robert Jordan, though he says that he cannot take a woman where he is going. Pilar reminds him that they are all in this together.

Pilar tells Robert Jordan that she slept with Pablo last night and asked him why he didn’t kill the American. Pablo believes that Robert Jordan is a “good boy.” Later, she heard him crying because all his men left him. Pilar assures him that they are following her and that she is his woman.

Robert Jordan and Pilar talk about faith, women, and the Republic. As Agustin approaches, Robert Jordan goes to Maria. Fernando is sitting at the table. He says he does not like the relationship between Maria and the American, but Pilar assures him that they are now engaged. Fernando and Agustin argue, with the latter’s conversation filled with vulgarity, to which Pilar objects. Pilar tells Agustin that Robert Jordan is very smart. Agustin says he has no confidence in Pablo, but Pilar says she has faith in him for this one mission, even with all his fear.