Chapter 7 Summary

Robert Jordan awakens outside in his sleeping robe (sleeping bag). He rolls on his pistol, which he adjusts out of his way to the front. He is confused as to where he is, then he feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns with the pistol in his hand under the robe. He relaxes when he sees it is Maria, and he pulls her down.

He tells her to get in because it is cold, but she says that she must not. He tells her again to get in and they will talk about it later. Robert Jordan holds Maria tightly with his arm and tries to kiss her, but she turns away. He tells her again to get in to the sleeping bag, but she says that she is afraid. He offers to help her, but she refuses his help and climbs into the bag. He tries to kiss her, but she shivers against him. He laughs and tells her that what she feels is just his pistol. He moves it behind him.

Maria tells him that she is ashamed and frightened. She says she must not have sex with him unless he loves her. He assures her that he does. She says she loves him and asks him to but his hand on her head as he did previously. He does so, and suddenly she presses her face against him and begins to cry. She tells him that she does not know how to kiss. Robert Jordan says that she does not need to kiss if she does not want to, but she says she must do everything. They undress and she asks if she may go with him as Pilar said. She wants to go to his home, but he tells her that he has no home. She wants to go with him and be his woman.

Robert Jordan asks Maria if she has loved others, to which she replies that she never has. However, she was raped many times during her captivity. She turns away, saying that now he will not love her. He assures her that he does, but both know that something has changed between them. She says that even if he does not love her, she wants him to take her to his home. Maria tells him that Pilar has said that if she makes love to a man whom she loves it will wipe out all the memory and the shame of the rapes. She says she has never kissed a man, and Robert Jordan shows her how. She is now ready, and they make love.