Chapter 35 Summary

Unable to go back to sleep after discovering Pablo’s disappearance with some of the supplies for the explosives, Robert Jordan seethes in anger. Maria is still sleeping, so he turns his back to her so he will not wake her. He thinks it is ironic that he missed a few opportunities to kill Pablo and that Pablo has betrayed them as they knew he would.

Robert Jordan speculates about the chance that Pablo merely threw the material away. It would not make any difference, he thinks, because he could not find them in the dark. He curses himself again for trusting Pilar to guard his sacks. He tries to calm himself, but his anger rises again. He rages against Pablo, the guerrillas, the Spanish people, and the entire country of Spain. He thinks of the many Spanish people who, through their incompetence, have been unable to change the system. It would not make any difference, he believes, because the people would be tricked by any leader they had.

As his anger begins to lessen, Robert Jordan no longer believes his own ravings simply because he has begun to exaggerate the whole thing. There have been many good Spanish people, he thinks. He could not be unjust to the whole Spanish race; he despises injustice in judgment just as much as in government. In the end he feels calmed and empty, he thinks, as does a man who has just had sex with a woman he does not love.

Robert Jordan turns to face Maria, who still sleeps quietly. She smiles in her sleep and moves closer to him. He thinks with horror that previously in his anger he could have struck her if she had spoken. He judges a man who is angry to be nothing more than an animal.

Holding Maria in his arms, he speculates about what he must now do. He decides the situation is not really so bad. He is not sure that anyone has brought about a satisfactory explosion given the minimal materials he now has. There are not enough people to carry out the mission, and now there is a shortage of explosives. But he realizes that, like bitterness, anger is a luxury he cannot afford at the moment. He realizes that they will probably be killed in the attack. He looks at Maria and thinks that a good night’s sleep is the only wedding present he can give her. He then lies quietly, keeping track of the time on his watch.