Chapter 33 Summary

At two o’clock in the morning, Pilar wakes Robert Jordan. At first he thinks it is Maria, but she is asleep beside him. Then he grabs his gun until he sees in the dark that it is Pilar. She tells him that Pablo is gone and that he has taken “something” of Robert Jordan’s. They go into the cave to Pilar’s blanketed off sleeping corner. She shows Robert Jordan his two packs. One pack is slit, and it contains only some wire; the box containing the exploder and the detonators, fuses, and caps are missing. He feels in the other sack. One packet of explosives might be missing from the feel of it.

Robert Jordan expresses contempt for Pilar’s guarding skills. She explains to him that she slept with her head against the sacks and one arm touching them. Pablo had gotten up in the middle of the night to urinate. When Pilar awoke again, he was gone. At first she thought that he had gone down to check on the horses, but he was gone so long she realized he had taken off. She checked the bags and discovered the full enormity of the truth.

Robert Jordan and Pilar go outside. Robert Jordan asks Pilar if Pablo could get out with the horses any other way than by the sentry (who at this time is Eladio). She tells him there are two possible ways. They walk down to where the horses are staked out to feed. There are three horses remaining, but two are gone. Pilar speculates that Pablo has been gone an hour.

Not seeing any chance of catching him, Robert Jordan says he will get what is left of the explosives and go back to bed. Pilar offers to guard them, but Robert Jordan points out that she has failed at that job already. Pilar knows how serious this is and how much she has disappointed the American. She says there is nothing she would not do to get back his property; Pablo has betrayed them both.

Robert Jordan realizes he cannot afford to be angry at Pilar because he has to work with her on this mission. He tells her that all is not lost, that there are ways of improvising. He asks her if Pablo has any caps and fuses. He does. Pilar feels that she has failed both the American and the Republic. She says she is going up to the sentry to see if Eladio has seen anything, but Robert Jordan tells her to go back to bed. They both need their sleep.