Chapter 14 Summary

By the time Robert Jordan, Maria, and Pilar return to the camp, it has begun to snow. Pablo predicts a significant snowstorm. Robert Jordan asks him if Rafael has yet returned, but he has not. He asks Pablo to go with him to the upper post, but Pablo says he will have no part of this bombing mission. He warns the American that he might miss the post, but Robert Jordan says that Anselmo is waiting for him. Pablo says that the snowstorm may delay the offensive. They go into the cave where Maria is cooking on the fire. Pablo and Robert Jordan drink a toast to the snow. Pablo tells Robert Jordan that it will be cold sleeping outside in the snow, but Robert Jordan knows that his sleeping robe is filled with eiderdown and has kept him warm on many snowy nights.

Pablo bosses Maria around, telling her to wipe of the table, but she ignores him. Robert Jordan begins to be filled with rage at Pablo but manages to keep it subdued. Pablo predicts that the snow will last for several days. He begins a story about his first meeting with Pilar. He was taking care of the horses of a matador, and Pilar was the matador’s woman. The matador, Finito, was small, which to Pablo made it seem unlikely that he would have any success in the ring. Inwardly, Pilar despises Pablo for his prejudice against Finito. She had stayed with him even when he became drunk and objectionable at a dinner given in his honor. She took care of him, nursing his wounds from the bull fights. She stayed with him until he died. After the funeral, Pilar took up with Pablo.

Rafael returns to the cave, covered with snow. He tells Robert Jordan that the watches at the bridge are in six-hour increments, with two men at a time on the bridge. There are eight men and a corporal at the road mender’s hut. From what he could tell, these are the only Fascists guarding the bridge. Anselmo is at the sawmill, keeping watch on it as well as the road. Nothing much has changed. Robert Jordan gets his coat, ready to go for Anselmo. Rafael says he plans on staying by the fire. He tells one of the other men in the cave where Anselmo is located so that he can guide Robert Jordan there.