Flying against the Wind: The Story of a Young Woman Who Defied the Nazis Summary

Ina R. Friedman


(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Lodgepole Press published Friedman's novel, Flying against the Wind in 1995. This remarkable biographical portrait of Cato Bontjes Van Beeks takes place in Germany during Hitler's emergence and subsequent command of the country. This gifted young woman's incredible courage, spirit, and sense of justice led her to join the non-Jewish Germans who rejected Hitler's plan and worked for the restoration of individual rights.

As readers encounter the harrowing experience of Hitler's effects on the world, they witness a young woman who stood by her beliefs even though they led to her death. She did not bow to peer pressure or deceitful ways. Instead, she carried an enduring sense of herself throughout her ordeals, successfully making a positive difference in a dark era of world history.

(The entire section is 124 words.)