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What are your personal reflections on "The Fly"?

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A personal reflection about a piece of literature like, “The Fly”, asks you to reflect upon the text by making personal connections to it, how you might sympathize or empathize with characters, make connections to other texts you’ve read like books and movies, or share how the text makes you feel. What did you like or dislike about the story?  Is it believable? Reflect upon the characters' motives and purposes.  What are the dominant themes?  What does the story say about us as human beings?  Did you like how it was written?  

It should be written in first person and show that you know and understand the text by making connections to it.  Do this by referring to specific excerpts and using evidence from the text for support.  This can be a direct quote or a deep, knowledgeable discussion of the text.  Make sure you prove the point of your personal reflection.

For example, can you sympathize with The Boss who has lost his son in the war?  What is your reaction to what he does to the fly?  What do you think of the ending?  How would you analyze why The Boss can’t remember what he was thinking about?  What do you think the fly represents?  Think about the themes—loss, regret, guilt (?)—and find a connection to your own life.

Interacting with the text is important in a personal response, so think of all the ways you can relate the text to your own life experiences.

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