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Social Concerns / Themes

(Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction)

Piercy's eighth novel, Fly Away Home , is a most successful attempt to wed social consciousness with domestic drama. In this novel, Daria Walker awakens from the illusion — or delusion — of her upwardly mobile marriage, and her picture-perfect, sheltered, suburban life. Forced to confront her husband's adultery and his unethical, exploitive business practices, Daria does indeed grow, gain awareness, and become politicized. When she learns her husband, Ross, has been hiring arsonists to burn his own buildings, Daria draws her head out of the sand, and joins former tenants in their quest for safe shelter. Daria's postdivorce affair with a working-class carpenter (and bookworm) returns her to the core values — mutual and self-respect, the worth of work — with which she was raised, values...

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