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Flowers for Algernon

by Daniel Keyes

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What do Charlie's factory friends make him do with Ellen at the party?

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Shortly after having the operation to dramatically improve his intelligence, Charlie Gordon's coworkers, Joe Carp and Frank Reilly, invite him to a party, where they trick him into drinking excessively. Charlie mentions that he had a lot of fun and recalls Joe suggesting that he dance with Ellen. Charlie does not understand that Joe is making fun of him and notices that Joe winks at Ellen when he made the suggestion.

While Charlie dances with Ellen, his coworkers proceed to trip him several times. Charlie mentions that everyone was laughing every time he fell and he began laughing along with them. However, the last time Charlie falls to the ground, Joe pushes him back down. Charlie then looks into Joe's face and experiences a funny feeling inside his stomach. His coworkers then trick him into biting a wax apple. Charlie then realizes that he is being made fun of and ridiculed.

Charlie responds by running out of the apartment and finally becomes aware that his coworkers only enjoys his presence because they can make fun of him.

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