Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

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Progress Report 14 Summary

Charlie sees a newspaper picture of his mother and sister, who were questioned by a reporter following Charlie’s escape with Algernon from the convention. From the article, Charlie learns the address of his mother, as well as the fact that his father and mother have separated and his father owns a barbershop in the Bronx. The sight of his mother’s face reminds him of the final showdown between his parents: his mother wanted Charlie to be placed in the Warren home, but his father instead takes him to his brother Herman’s.

Charlie finds an apartment in midtown New York City. He continues his studies and builds a new maze for Algernon. Across the hall is a free-spirited painter named Fay. Sexually attracted to her, Charlie keeps his distance, fearing the re-emergence of the shadow Charlie.

Deciding to visit his father, Charlie shows up at the barbershop. His father does not recognize him, so Charlie asks for a shave and haircut. He asks his father if he knows who he is. Matt Gordon is fearful, so Charlie leaves without revealing his identity.

Fay brings Algernon a female mouse for companionship. When she later comes to Charlie's apartment following an altercation with another man, she...

(The entire section is 427 words.)