Flowers for Algernon Progress Report 12 Summary
by Daniel Keyes

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Progress Report 12 Summary

It is June 5, one week until the convention in Chicago, and Charlie has not filed any progress reports for two weeks. Professor Nemur is upset because he feels Charlie is jeopardizing the presentation. Charlie understands this, especially now that the Welberg Foundation is paying him a salary. But he is irritated that Nemur keeps referring to him as a "lab specimen." Charlie reminds him that he is a person.

Dr. Strauss suggests that Charlie learn how to type, since Charlie is frustrated that his thoughts now come much faster than he can write them down. He does not pursue a romantic relationship with Alice Kinnian, but he is still tormented by dreams of the teenage Charlie. He remembers when his sister Norma came home with an A on a test, which meant that she could have the dog her mother promised. When Charlie offered to help Norma take care of her dog, his sister became upset, either wanting the dog all to herself or not having it at all. Charlie later overheard her tell friends that Charlie was not really her brother, just someone they took in because they felt sorry for him. Charlie regrets all that Norma lost by having him as a brother.

Charlie decides to pick up Alice at Beekman University. When he goes into the classroom to see his old classmates, Alice is clearly annoyed. A quarrel ensues, and Alice says that Charlie is so far above her intellectually that he seems condescending and bored when she does not follow his conversation. Charlie, she thinks, has changed from the warm, loving person he used to be into a cold, smug intellectual. She is constantly insecure around him, trying to study at home to keep up at least an appearance of an intellectual relationship. When Charlie leaves, he realizes that she is...

(The entire section is 474 words.)