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Florida is a 2018 contemporary fictional book written by American novelist and short story writer Lauren Groff. It is the author’s fifth book, and it is a collection of short stories that center on the natural wonders and, occasionally, dangers of Florida.

She always wanted to be the kind of person who could play the "Moonlight" Sonata.
She buries her failure in this, as she buries all her failures, in reading.

It's marvelous to know another person's entire literary canon by heart. It's like knowing their secret personal language.

The stories cover a plethora of socially relevant and even controversial themes such as: child abuse, friendship, adventure, love, rape, mental health, anxiety, and depression. The book tells the stories of several characters, often women, mothers, and children, and focuses on their lives.

He’s like a perfect, windless pond, her husband once said. You throw something in just to watch it sink, and you’re going to see it on the bottom staring back at you for the rest of your life.

Of all the places in the world, she belongs in Florida. How dispiriting to learn this of herself.

We learn of a woman who likes to walk at night and observe her neighbors to calm herself and relieve her stress; we learn of a man who likes to observe snakes and ends up in the wilderness; a mother of two boys, who sustains an injury in a cabin in the woods; two children, abandoned and neglected, who fight with starvation and hope to somehow survive the day . . . Essentially, the stories describe the honest moments between people, their relationships, the human psyche, and the miracles of nature.

Time would not care if you fell out of it. It would continue on without you. It cannot see you; it has always been blind to the human and the things we do to stave it off, the taxonomies, the cleaning, the arranging, and the ordering.