Florence Nightingale

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What does Florence Nightingale's statement, "Health of the unity is the health of the community" mean?

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Florence Nightingale is speaking to her belief that cooperation, not competition, is integral to community health. Nightingale believed that without unity and cooperation, that communities could not be strong, and that specifically, community health could not truly exist. Instead, only health could exist for those who were rich enough or connected enough to access medical care. Florence Nightingale sought to provide health care to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay for that care. Additionally, Nightingale encouraged cooperation among health professionals, rather than competition. She believed that sharing medical knowledge, rather than hoarding information, was critical to ensuring a healthy community. Essentially, Nightingale was speaking anticapitalist beliefs and pushing a more socialized framework for medical care that would ensure that more equal access to care.

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