A Flea in Her Ear

by Georges Feydeau

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Raymonde Chandebise is one of the play's female leads. She is concerned that her husband has lost his sexual interest in her because he is having an affair. Her husband is Victor Emmanuel Chandebise, and he is suffering from a nervous condition that has negatively affected his libido. Lucienne is Raymonde's good friend who comes up with a trick to test Victor Emmanuel to ascertain if he is having an affair outside his marriage.

Carlos Homenides de Histangua is Lucienne’s husband; he mistakenly assumes that a letter to Victor Emmanuel is from his wife since he recognizes her handwriting. He does not realize that the letter is a trick to test Victor Emmanuel's fidelity to Raymonde.

Tournel is a friend of Victor Emmanuel, and he is a handsome bachelor who has a crush on Raymonde.

Camille is Victor’s nephew; he goes to a hotel with Antoinette, the cook, to celebrate having his palate surgically repaired by Dr. Finache. Etienne is Antoinette’s husband, and he suffers from jealousy.

At the hotel is a porter, Poche, a drinker who bears a startling physical resemblance to Victor Emmanuel. His employer at the hotel is Ferallion, who is married to a former prostitute named Olympe. Baptistin is also an employee at the hotel, though he is Ferallion's uncle. Eugenie is a maid in the hotel.

Rounding out the ensemble is Rugby, a guest at the hotel from Britain.

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