(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Reid Bennett has known that this particular summer will bring significant change to his life. His wife Freda is exceedingly pregnant with their first child, and the prospect of parenthood and its myriad responsibilities fills him with a certain degree of apprehension. Still, he remains confident that he and Freda will be able to cope with the inevitable alterations in their life-style. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that the trauma of birth may be the least of his worries.

First, he is alerted that an escaped convict is presumably en route to extract vengeance for a previous incarceration. Then the tranquility of Murphy’s Harbor is disrupted by vandalism of the type associated with urban gangs. Surprised by the appearance of such thugs, Bennett resolves to nip the phenomena in the bud. Still, he’s only one man, and the automobile affords his adversaries considerable mobility. Moreover, when a woman turns up in the trunk of a sunken car, another woman is assaulted, and yet another murder occurs, Bennett is one busy law enforcement officer.

Bennett is not bereft of resources; his exceptionally versatile dog Sam provides valuable assistance, while Bennett himself reaffirms the efficacy of the disciplined individual human mind. As the evidence piles up, and the disparate cases are unexpectedly connected, Bennett serves and protects the people entrusted to his care.

FLASHBACK is not an introspective work, nor does Wood deliver himself of comments concerning the depth and breadth of the human condition, Canadian or otherwise. Nonetheless, devotees of the series will not be disappointed, while newcomers will welcome the diversion from more mundane trials and tribulations.