Five Feet Apart

by Rachael Lippincott

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What examples of figurative language and symbolism are in the movie Five Feet Apart?

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An example of symbolism in Five Feet Apart is the recurring symbol of light, which reflects how Will and Stella’s connection endures, even despite their required distance. This symbol speaks to the story's message about how love can be powerful without physical intimacy.

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In the movie version of Five Feet Apart, the director used a lot of symbols to create vivid, meaningful images. For example, one prominent symbol throughout the movie is light. Consider the scene in which Will and Stella sneak out. Stella explains that she wants Will to go with her to see the lights of the city. However, Stella falls into an icy lake, and the two never get to see the lights. In the end, when Will decides to distance himself from Stella, he installs a lot of lights for her to look at in the hospital. The lights are ultimately a symbol of their love, as well as a symbol of hope that they will still have a bright future.

The space between Stella and Will also serves as a symbol for the themes of the story. This story explores the distinctions between intimacy and love, two concepts that have become hard to distinguish in contemporary society. For example, consider the scene in which Will and Stella are sitting apart by the pool. The viewer can sense the connection between them despite the visible space. Through such visuals, the story shows how powerful love can be even without physical connection.

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