The First Salute Bibliography - Essay

Barbara Wertheim


(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The Atlantic. CCLXII, December, 1988, p. 96.

“Barbara W. Tuchman.” Nation 248 (March 6, 1989): 292-293. A laudatory editorial that followed Tuchman’s death. During her early career, Tuchman researched and wrote for this publication, which at the time was partially owned by her family. The article is useful particularly since there is so little published material about Tuchman, who seemed content to let her work, reviewers, and her large reading audience speak about her.

Booklist. LXXXIV, August, 1988, p. 1868.

Boston Globe. September 25, 1988, p. 105.

Dull, Jonathon R. “Diplomacy of the American Revolution to 1783.” In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, edited by Jack P. Greene and J. R. Pole. Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell Reference, 1991. A brief, but excellent and tightly substantive essay that reinforces main themes in The First Salute. Dull deals with important figures in Tuchman’s narrative. A valuable select bibliography is included.

Gruber, Ira D. “British Strategy: The Theory and Practice of Eighteenth Century Warfare.” In Reconsiderations in the Revolutionary War, edited by Don Higginbotham. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1978. An easy-to-read essay by a specialist on a subject that parallels Tuchman’s. (Gruber also favorably reviewed The First Salute.) His essay has an excellent select...

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