Literary Techniques

The First Circle is narrated by an omniscient third-person narrator aware of each character's history, thoughts, and sensations. Like...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

1. Solzhenitsyn takes the novel's title from Canto IV of Dante's The Inferno, where the first circle is Limbo. Read the canto and...

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Social Concerns

Like One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1963), The First Circle takes place in a Siberian labor camp. This camp, Mavrino,...

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(Great Characters in Literature)

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Literary Precedents

The term "polyphonic" was first coined to describe Dostoevsky's novels, like The Brothers Karamazov (1880), which follow several...

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Related Titles

Candle in the Wind (1973) is also set in a research facility, although this one has an unspecified, international location. The...

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Polish director Aleksandr Ford made a film of The First Circle in 1972. Faithful to the book, the movie builds upon the conversations...

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