Literary Techniques

Fifth Business is written as a memoir. On the occasion of his retirement from Colborne College, a patronizing account of the farewell...

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Fifth Business Ideas for Group Discussions

In 1968, Robertson Davies said in a dialogue with Gordon Roper that "life has a strong mythic and fairy tale quality. And people don't...

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Fifth Business Social Concerns

Fifth Business begins on December 27, 1908, in Deptford, Ontario. An incident occurs that sets off a chain of events that are not...

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Fifth Business Literary Precedents

Robert Browning's The Ring and the Book (1868-1869) is one basic source for Davies's approach to the narrative material in this novel....

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Fifth Business Related Titles

Fifth Business is the first part of the Deptford trilogy, three novels which are interrelated. The Jungian psychology that is implicit...

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Fifth Business Bibliography

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