Who understands the character Troy best in Fences?

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I think that this becomes the critical question.  Does anyone?  In all sincerity, I think that part of what makes Troy's characterization such a challenge is that the "fences" the Troy builds are also internal ones.  He does not let anyone inside that emotional fence to see his own sense of identity.  Bono obviously has a close relationship with Troy, having been his friend while in jail and befriending him outside of jail.  Yet, that relationship is strained by the end of the drama, as Bono can no longer stand by the self- destruction of his friend.  Rose would be another individual who knows Troy a great deal, but she emotionally withdraws because of his affair with Alberta.  Cory recognizes what his father is doing, but cannot bring himself to reconcile with him until the end.  Perhaps, this is deliberate on Wilson's part.  Part of what ends up killing Troy is that he really does not have anyone that "knows him the best."  This isolation in a condition where there is much in way of pain and hurt only enhances the fact that it is difficult to find one person who knew Troy the best.  In the end, this is what makes his character so difficult.  Figments and fragments of his being were known to few, but nothing in its totality could be revealed.  

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