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There are several key characters in The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer.

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The protagonist, Greer Kadetsky, is a college freshman at the beginning of the novel. After Greer is groped at a frat party, she is inspired to throw her full support behind feminism. Accordingly, she goes to a lecture by Faith Frank, a famous second wave feminist, and is taken on as a sort of protege by Faith. Throughout the novel, we see Greer grow through her twenties as she develops in her relationships with Faith; her boyfriend, Corey; her best friend, Zee; and herself.

Cory Pinto is Greer's boyfriend and an all-American golden boy. At the beginning of the novel, he has it all—a spot at Princeton, a long-term relationship with Greer, bright job prospects, and a thriving social life. Cory is used to being the one with power in his life and in his relationship. When tragedy strikes his family, he suddenly feels that balance flip entirely.

Faith Frank is Greer's mentor. She is a figure of second wave feminism (think a less-famous Gloria Steinem) and works to remain relevant in the 2000s, when the novel takes place. Throughout the book, we learn more about Faith's relationships with others and her motives within her work.

Zee Eisenstat is Greer's best friend, whom she meets in college. Zee is the outspoken, liberal, queer, feminist revolutionary out of the pair but is somehow jilted when Faith Frank is attracted to Greer over her. In the novel, Zee copes with Greer's success and finds her own place.

Emmett Shrader is a billionaire philanthropist. He is the main benefactor of Loci, Faith and Greer's organization, and has a long standing history with Faith, which is revealed throughout the novel.

Alby Pinto is Cory's little brother, who idolizes Cory and is adored by Cory, Greer, and his parents.

Other significant characters include Greer's parents, who are hands-off hippies, Corey's parents, who are hardworking immigrants, and a number of employees of Loci.

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