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The main characters are Fefu, Cindy, Christina, Julia, Emma, Paula, Sue, and Cecilia.

Cindy and Christina are good friends, and they are the first to arrive at Fefu's house. They are both a little unsure how to deal with Fefu.

Julia is in a wheelchair; she was possibly shot in a hunting accident and is now partially paralyzed. She has hallucinations.

Emma is very dramatic, with elaborate dresses and costume. In some ways, she's the life of the party; she and Fefu are very similar in their drama and love for attention.

Paula and Cecilia used to be close, but have become distant in recent years. Throughout the play, we get several hints that they were possibly lovers and may get back together again.

Fefu is the main character, the leader of this group of friends, and the one who brings everyone together. She is very wild and unpredictable, and does things rashly and without thinking. However, the friends all seem to love her, despite her craziness.

There are also several men briefly mentioned in the play: Tom, the gardener; John, Fefu's brother; and Phillip, Fefu's husband, who Fefu shoots at often. He thinks she is crazy, and they drive each other crazy, but they love each other despite this.