Fearless Fourteen Summary
by Janet Evanovich

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The irrepressible Stephanie Plum and her crew of zany sidekicks are back in Fearless Fourteen, the fourteenth installment of the popular Janet Evanovich series. Lula, the reformed prostitute with a heart of gold and a penchant for too small spandex, makes a hilarious foil for the more sedate but equally hilarious Plum. The ladies find themselves in the middle of yet another improbable mystery. Stephanie is on the trail of the kidnappers who snatched Joe Morelli’s (Stephanie’s on again/off again boyfriend) cousin Loretta. As a result of the kidnapping, Plum and Morelli become surrogate parents to Loretta's teenage son while she is missing.

The pride of his family, Dom Rizzi is released from prison after serving a sentence for his conviction in a nine-million-dollar bank heist. The nine million dollars was evidently hidden by Rizzi and has never surfaced. Rizzi's shadowy partners have not forgotten the missing money, however, and it is soon revealed that the kidnapping of Loretta is an effort to force Rizzi into revealing the whereabouts of the hidden loot.

It is not long before the bodies begin piling up, and less than a week after Dom Rizzi is released from prison, ruthless individuals break into Morelli’s house. The intrepid Walter “Mooner” Dunphy, yet another of Evanovich’s quirky characters, is hired to stand guard over Morelli’s house. This affable drug addict and questionable inventor arms himself with a high-powered potato gun designed more for comic effect than protection.

Sexual tensions increase when Stephanie’s bounty hunter mentor, Ranger, offers her a job that requires working night hours. Never quite able to define her true feelings for Ranger, Stephanie finds herself once again confused by her emotions. Morelli’s jealousy is ignited as he has very vivid ideas about what the night work could lead to between Ranger and Plum.

The informed reader will find that Evanovich has once again produced a delightful, if somewhat predictable, romp through the streets of Trenton, New Jersey.