How might Armando have felt and what might he have said when he realized the boys wanted to help him?

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Armando is mightily relieved when the three boys offer to help him. While he was on the bus with them, he felt sure that they were a bunch of hoodlums wanting to rob him of his 50,000 pesos. As it turns out, however, they're simply some students who are in town for a soccer tournament.

But before Armando discovers who they really are, he blubs like a big baby when the three boys approach him after they all get off the bus. He pleads with them to leave a poor honest man alone. But the boys mean him no harm; they'd taken the wrong bus and had to get off.

After asking the boys a lot of questions, Armando is sure that they represent no danger to him. No longer feeling nervous, he finally realizes he's been wearing his hat the wrong way round—which is why people were staring at him at the bank and on the bus—and goes back to his family with the 50,000 pesos still safely tucked away inside his pocket.

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