Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Part 2, Chapter 3 Summary

Hunter S. Thompson

Part 2, Chapter 3 Summary

Thompson goes up to his room at the Flamingo after checking in downstairs. He tells the bellboy to bring up several bottles of booze. He is looking forward to a few hours of quiet for reflection. Covering this conference, he knows, will be a much different experience from reporting on the Mint 400. At the race, no one seemed to notice or care about his behavior or appearance. Additionally, covering the race had been an “observer gig.” The conference will require “participation.”

It is such an irony, he thinks, that he has been sent to write a story about people who would gladly put him and all others like him behind bars. He feels a bit of pride at the thought of being among this group of straights and standing...

(The entire section is 594 words.)