Doctor Faustus Scene 8
by Christopher Marlowe

Doctor Faustus book cover
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Scene 8

[Enter Robin and Ralph with a silver goblet.]

Come, Ralph, did not I tell thee we were for ever
made by this Doctor Faustus' book? Ecce, signum! Here's
a simple purchase for horse-keepers; our horses shall eat
no hay as long as this lasts.
But, Robin, here comes the vintner.(5)
Hush! I'll gull him supernaturally.
Drawer, I hope all is paid: God be with you;—come, Ralph.

[Enter Vintner.]

Soft, sir; a word with you. I must yet have a goblet paid from you, ere you go.
I, a goblet, Ralph; I, a goblet!—I scorn you; and you(10)
are but a &c. I, a goblet! search me.
I mean so, sir, with your favor.

[Searches Robin.]

How say you now?
I must say somewhat to your fellow. You, sir!
Me, sir! me, sir! search your fill. Now, sir, you may be ashamed to burden honest men with a matter of truth.
[Searches Ralph] Well, t'one of you hath this goblet about you.
You lie, drawer, 'tis afore me
Sirrah you, I'll teach you to impeach honest men;—(20)
[to Rafe] stand by; [to the Vintner] —I'll scour you for a goblet!—stand aside
you had best, I charge you in the name of Belzebub.
Look to the goblet, Ralph.

What mean you, sirrah?
I'll tell you what I mean.(25)
[Reads] Sanctobulorum Periphrasticon
—Nay, I'll tickle you, Vintner. Look to the goblet, Ralph.
[Reads] Polypragmos Belseborams framanto
pacostiphos tostu, Mephistophilis, &c.

[Enter Mephistophilis: sets squibs at their backs and then exits. They run about.]

O nomine Domini! What meanest thou, Robin? Thou hast no goblet. (30)
Peccatum peccatorum! Here's thy goblet, good Vintner.
Misericordia pro nobis! What shall I do? Good Devil
forgive me now, and I'll never rob thy library more (35)

[Re-enter Mephistophilis.]

Vanish, villians, th'one like an ape, another
like a bear, the third and ass, for doing this enterprise.

[Exit Vinter.]

Monarch of Hell, under whose black survey
Great potentates do kneel with awful fear,
Upon whose altars thousand souls do lie,
How am I vexed with these villains' charms?(40)
From Constantinople am I hither come
Only for pleasure of these damned slaves.
How, from Constantinople? You have had a great
journey: will you take sixpence in your purse to pay for
your supper, and begone?(45)
Well, villains, for your presumption, I transform
thee into an ape, and thee into a dog; and so begone.

[Exit Mephistophilis.]

How, into an ape; that's brave! I'll have fine sport with
the boys. I'll get nuts and apples enow.
And I must be a dog.(50)
I'faith, thy head will never be out of the pottage pot.