Faust Overview Quiz

How much do you know about Goethe's tragic play, one of the greatest works of German literature? Take the Faust overview quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the infamous story of the scholar who makes a deal with the devil. 

  1. When will Faust die?

  2. On the eve of what holiday does Faust summon a spirit?

  3. What does God claim Faust will do to find the right road?

  4. In heaven, what does Mephisto claim reason and knowledge have done to humans?

  5. Where is Faust living in the beginning of the story?

  6. For what does Faust long?

  7. What is Wagner working hard to create at the beginning of Part II?

  8. What must Mephisto do for Faust?

  9. What disguise does Mephisto adopt when he first approaches Faust?

  10. What stops Faust from committing suicide?

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