The Faust Legend Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


Baron, Frank. Doctor Faustus from History to Legend. Munich: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 1978.

Examines the historical figure of Faustus and the development of the body of legend surrounding him.

Baron, Frank. "Who Was the Historical Faustus? Interpreting an Overlooked Source." Daphnis: Zeitschrift für Mittlere Deutsche Literatur, Band 18, Heft 2, 1989. pp.297-302.

Examines indications in original source materials, including an exchange of letters from 1534, to support the theory that a student named Georg Helmstetter was the historical Faustus.

Berghahn, Klaus L. "Georg Johann Heinrich Faust: The Myth and Its...

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