Fatima Mernissi

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Principal Works

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Beyond the Veil: Male-Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim Society (nonfiction) 1975; revised edition, 1985

Le Maroc raconte par ses femmes [editor; Doing Daily Battle: Interviews with Moroccan Women] (interviews) 1984

Women in Moslem Paradise (nonfiction) 1986

Le Harem politique: Le Prophete et les femmes [The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in Islam] (nonfiction) 1987

Sultanes oubliƩes: Femmes chefs d'Etat en Islam [The Forgotten Queens of Islam] (nonfiction) 1990

Can We Women Head a Muslim State? (nonfiction) 1991

Women and Islam: An Historical and Theological Enquiry (nonfiction) 1991

Islam and Democracy: Fear of the Modern World (nonfiction) 1992

Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood (memoirs) 1994; published in England as The Harem Within: Tales of a Moroccan Girlhood

Women's Rebellion and Islamic Memory (nonfiction) 1996

Scheherazade Goes West: Different Cultures, Different Harems (nonfiction) 2001

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