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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The Father by August Strindberg is a play that focuses on the battle of the sexes. The author discusses women who are against a male-dominated world. Strindberg addresses this issue from a religious and empirical perspective. He further gives a clear description of the type of relationships men should have with their wives and daughters. The author admits that paternity is a primary cause of marital problems.

Strindberg writes about a couple, Huck and Laura, who constantly disagree on their daughter’s future. Laura wants their daughter, Bertha, to be an educator but be home-schooled in an environment where she will learn Christian values. She is not comfortable with her daughter going to a school where her faith will be swayed because of friends who are atheists and have negative views about religion.

To ensure that Bertha does not go to school, she tells people that Huck has a psychological condition. She further tries to make him believe that he is not Bertha’s father. Despite her efforts, Huck can see his wife’s plan. However, he finds it hard to go against her. Furthermore, Laura is manipulative and callous. She taunts Huck to a point where he is about to kill her and uses the incident as proof that he is mentally unstable.

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