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1. Arren grows into a good young king in this novel. What things must he learn before he can become the sort of king that Earthsea hopes for?

2. What are the rules governing magic in Earthsea? What can magic do, and what is impossible with magic? Why?

3. How would you describe the relationship between Ged and Arren? Why is this relationship so important? What major changes does it undergo in the course of the story?

4. Cob is so afraid of death that he will destroy the world to become immortal. Why is he so afraid of death? What has Ged done to help Cob deal with this fear?

5. What does Ged mean in "Sea Dreams" when he says "Death and life are like the two sides of my hand?"

6. Why do Cob's actions lead to people forgetting their skills and dragons their language? Taken together, what do the effects of Cob's actions add up to?

7. Why does Arren fall under Cob's influence? How does he escape Cob's power?

8. How does Ged defeat Cob? What meanings do you see in this defeat?

9. Why does Ged take Arren along on this quest? Is it true that Arren hinders more than he helps?

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