Far from the Madding Crowd

by Thomas Hardy

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Topics for Further Study

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Research modern methods of raising sheep and make a chart comparing them to the practices described in the novel.

Find a recording of pastoral flute music, like the music that Gabriel Oak might have played, and present it to your class with an explanation of its history.

Hardy eventually quit writing novels because of public criticism of the sexuality displayed in his books. Try to imagine how this story would have gone if Fanny Robin had not been carrying Sergeant Troy’s baby when she died. Would Troy have been able to stay with Bathsheba after Fanny’s death, and if so, where would their relationship have gone? Write a short play featuring their dialog after Fanny’s funeral.

Some readers are surprised to find that people sent valentines to each other in the 1870s. Research the history of Valentine’s Day, and present the different customs associated with it throughout the ages.

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