So Far from the Bamboo Grove

by Yoko Kawashima Watkins

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Gain some background to the Japanese- Korean relations during World War II. Do you think that Watkins realistically portrayed this situation in Korea or do you believe her account was biased?

2. Describe the different escape routes from Korea to Japan and outline some of the hardships the refugees may have faced along each route.

3. Discuss the Treaty of Portsmouth and outline its ramifications for families like Yoko's.

4. Discuss the ways the Japanese controlled the Koreans and treated them as second- class citizens in their own country. Find instances from Watkins's book to support this.

5. Advance an argument for why the Japanese took control of Korea.

6. Describe some of the human rights violations Yoko witnessed on the escape route to Japan.

7. How did Hideyo's experience as a refugee differ from Yoko's? How was it different for men and for women?

8. Describe what Hideyo might have witnessed at the 38th parallel.

9. Choose another survival story from the related titles below. Compare and contrast Yoko's experience with the experience of one of the characters in these books.

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