Fanny Fern Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


Adams, Florence Bannard. Fanny Fern; or A Pair of Flaming Shoes. West Trenton, N.J.: n.p., 1966, 30 p.

Focusing on Fanny Fern's journalistic writing, particularly for the New York Ledger, discusses how her family and domestic life influenced her stance on a variety of contemporary events and issues.

Eckert, Robert P., Jr. “Friendly, Fragrant, Fanny Ferns.” The Colophon: A Quarterly for Collectors and Lovers of Books, No. 18 (1934).

A short but thorough biography of Fanny Fern, focusing for the most part on her personal life (as opposed to her literary career) and personality.


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