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(Great Characters in Literature)


Amy, Dowager Lady Monchensey, an old member of the English aristocracy. She is determined to preserve the family estate, Wishwood, as it has always been and use it as a means to keep the family together. Like most people who are used to giving orders, she believes that her desires eventually will be fulfilled, in this case her wish that her oldest son will return to take over the estate and marry her ward. As she dies, she begins to see that she has been living in an unreal world; some of the things happening around her then begin to make sense.

Harry, Lord Monchensey

Harry, Lord Monchensey, Amy’s son. Having returned home for the first time in eight years, he finds his family still trying to deny any change in the world. While he was gone, he had murdered his wife, and he is currently searching for some satisfactory way of life. In the few hours that he spends at Wishwood, he finds that the ghosts that have been following him are not his at all, but his father’s, and that he is really pursuing them. He soon leaves to seek out the deeper reality that he has just glimpsed.


Agatha, Amy’s sister. Many years prior to the action of the play, Agatha fell in love with her sister’s husband but convinced him that he must not murder Amy because of her pregnancy. At the time of the play, Agatha is making her first visit to Wishwood in thirty years. She is the only one of the...

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