Falling Man Overview Quiz

As Falling Man opens, Keith Neudecker walks around covered in blood and in a daze. It is September 11, 2001 and the World Trade Center has just been attacked. Be sure you understand the details of Don Dellilo's unconventional novel by taking the Falling Man overview quiz from eNotes. 

  1. What had Keith and Lianne's relationship been like prior to the attacks?

  2. What does Elena do that irritates Lianne?

  3. What is Rosellen afraid of?

  4. What does Florence blame Keith for?

  5. Where is the only place Keith feels he truly fits in?

  6. Where is it that the protagonist realizes he has been “going all along”?

  7. Who is it that Keith continually sees in "smoke and things coming down"?

  8. What does Keith eventually return to Florence?

  9. What odd item does Keith watch float down at the beginning of the novel?

  10. Why had Lianne been attending the "storyline sessions" in East Harlem?