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1. Why cannot the angel's gown be removed? What does this say about the nature of the angel?

2. Why is the angel childlike?

3. Why do Courtney, Judson, and Maddy confuse the angel? What were the angel's expectations for their behavior?

4. If the angel has supernatural powers, why is it unable to save itself after it crashes to earth?

5. Is the ending of "Fallen Angel" satisfying? Was the angel's reward better than what the children originally hoped for?

6. Yolen says of "Fallen Angel": "Sometimes stories have to sit around, settling down in their bones. The same goes for the writer." What does she mean by this?

7. Why would Courtney, Judson, and Maddy expect to see an alien being rather than an angel?

8. Why cannot the parents see the angel? Why call it an imaginary playmate?

9. "Suddenly the angel hated all change." Why?

10. Will the angel's wings always look like the patchwork built by the children? Would this be a good or bad change?

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