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1. How does the angel of "Fallen Angel" compare with the others in Here There Be Angels?

2. Yolen mentions Gustav Davidson's A Dictionary of Angels. Write a report on this book, pointing out sections that might apply to "Fallen Angel."

3. The angel leaves a blazing trail as it falls through the earth's atmosphere. What is the maximum velocity an object may achieve while falling to earth? How hot would the angel become while falling? How tough would the angel have to be to survive its fall from outer space to the earth?

4. Maddy suggests the use of hangers to build the second wing, the dowels of the kite having been used up in making the first. How well would wire coat hangers work for building a kite? Could you build a kite that would fly, using hangers instead of dowels?

5. The idea of people being confronted with an angel that has fallen to earth and needs their help is fruitful with possibilities. Write a story of your own about your own set of characters finding an angel in circumstances other than in the mud by a pond. An angel might fall in a city, or a suburb, or desert, or an island, or many other places, and the people who find it might have different concerns than do Courtney, Judson, and Maddy.

6. What does the Bible say about angels? Do any of them resemble the one in "Fallen Angel"?

7. Are angels, which some religions believe in, appropriate subject matter for fiction, or should writers avoid them because they represent an aspect of religious belief?

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