The Fair Maid of Perth

by Sir Walter Scott

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Characters Discussed

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Catharine Glover

Catharine Glover, the Fair Maid of Perth. Agreeing to be Henry Gow’s valentine, she nevertheless refuses to agree to marry him because of his propensity for quarreling. Finally, becoming reconciled to the brave Henry’s warlike impulses, she does marry him, and he vows to take up arms again only in defense of his country.

Simon Glover

Simon Glover, her father.

Henry Gow

Henry Gow, an armorer of Perth. He is in love with Catharine Glover. Of a fiery spirit, his offer of marriage is refused by Catharine because of his quarrelsomeness. Involved bravely in the Highland wars between the clans Quhele and Chattan, he finally wins her hand.

Conachar (Eachin MacIan)

Conachar (Eachin MacIan), the son of the chief of Clan Quhele and an apprentice to Simon Glover. In love with Catharine Glover, he flees when he meets his rival for her hand, Henry Gow, in battle. Ashamed of his cowardice, he takes his own life.

Robert III

Robert III, king of Scotland.

The Duke of Albany

The Duke of Albany, King Robert’s brother James,

The Earl of March

The Earl of March, and

The Earl of Douglas

The Earl of Douglas, called The Black Douglas, noblemen involved in a struggle for power over Robert III and Scotland.

The Duke of Rothsay

The Duke of Rothsay, heir to the Scottish throne. He is starved to death by Sir John Ramorny and Henbane Dwining.

Sir John Ramorny

Sir John Ramorny, the duke of Rothsay’s master of horse and, later, his murderer.

Henbane Dwining

Henbane Dwining, an apothecary and physician to Sir John Ramorny, with whom he kills the duke of Rothsay.

Oliver Proudfute

Oliver Proudfute, a Perth burgher and friend of Henry Gow. He is murdered while masquerading in Henry’s clothes to frighten away assailants.

Father Clement

Father Clement, confessor to Catharine Glover.


Bonthron, the murderer of Oliver Proudfute, whom he mistakes for Henry Gow.


Louise, a glee-maiden.

Lady Marjory

Lady Marjory, the duchess of Rothsay.

Sir Patrick Charteris

Sir Patrick Charteris, the provost of Perth.

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