Fahrenheit 451 Part Two Quiz

Montag has an idea to radically change his life and society itself: he'll sabotage the firemen. Be sure you recall Montag's plan, what happens, and more by taking the quiz on Part Two of Ray Bradbury's classic work about the dangers of censorship, Fahrenheit 451.

  1. True or False: Faber tells Montag that books "cannot keep the cycle [of war] from repeating"

  2. What book does Faber agree to help Montag copy?

  3. What book of the Bible does Montag try to memorize on his way to see Faber?

  4. What does Millie say about books?

  5. Who is Faber?

  6. What poem does Montag repeatedly read to Millie and her friends?

  7. On the train, why can't Montag concentrate on memorizing his book?

  8. Where is the location of the next fire alarm?

  9. With Montag acting as a spy within the firehouse, how will Faber know what is going on?

  10. What is Montag's idea to sabotage the firemen?