Fahrenheit 451 Part Three Quiz

Beatty is killed. Montag receives a gift. Farber is gone. Be sure you recall the whos, whats, and whys of this fast-paced section by taking the quiz over Part Three of Ray Bradbury's classic work about the dangers of censorship, Fahrenheit 451.

  1. In whose home does Montag plant books?

  2. Who burns down Montag's house?

  3. Who kills Beatty?

  4. Why is someone other than Montag being hunted?

  5. True or False: Despite the bomb blasts,the wanderers and Montag return to the city

  6. How does Faber "lose" the Mechanical Hound?

  7. True or False: Mildred voluntarily leaves Montag

  8. How is Montag injured?

  9. What do the "book covers" do?

  10. Why is Faber heading to St. Louis?

  11. True or False: No one is searching for Montag because they think the Mechanical Hound has killed him

  12. What does Granger give Montag?

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