Fahrenheit 451 Part One Quiz

How much do you know about Ray Bradbury's vision of a dystopian future? Take the Fahrenheit 451 Part 1 quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the world in which firemen start fires.

  1. How do people feel about the international war that is brewing?

  2. What does Captain Beatty say is a result of conflict?

  3. How does Guy know Clarisse?

  4. What happens when the fire team chops into an old woman's home and find her books?

  5. What does the Mechanical Hound do?

  6. How does Mildred nearly die?

  7. Which word best describes Montag after the events at the old woman's home?

  8. True or False: Montag resists the temptation to take a book from the old woman's home

  9. What important question does Clarisse ask Montag?

  10. What part of the Mechanical Hound is poisonous?

  11. What does Guy's wife Mildred desperately want one more of?

  12. How old is Guy Montag?

  13. What does Captain Beatty say people always dread?

  14. What does Captain Beatty say "rightly became" a "swear word"?

  15. To what does Captain Beatty compare a book?