Fahrenheit 451 #1 Quiz

This quiz focuses on characters, facts, quotes, and events throughout the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. 

  1. Who is Montag's boss?

  2. What is the 'family' in the parlor throughout the novel?

  3. Where did Montag meet Faber at for the first time?

  4. What is Montag's occupation?

  5. What was Faber's occupation?

  6. What do firemen do throughout the novel?

  7. What event impacts Montag and encourages him to steal a book?

  8. There is a threat of nuclear war.

  9. This girl peeks Montag's interest at the beginning of the novel.

  10. The protagonist of the novel

  11. What is the symbol on the firemen's uniforms?

  12. People drive slow and like to think throughout the novel.

  13. What happens to Montag's wife at the beginning of the novel?

  14. What does Montag fear?

  15. Society as a whole enjoys reading.

  16. What does Montag and Faber's plan involve?

  17. People are caring and respectful in society.

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