What kind of society do Faber and Granger desire in Fahrenheit 451?

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Faber and Granger wish the society to be more free and open to ideas and less rigidly controlled. Faber and Granger believe that ideas presented in books from the past would help people become better rather than less happy. They do not like the way that the society is controlled by the "tele-screens" and surveilance cameras. They believe that censorship restricts freedom and happiness rather than promotes it.

Because Faber is a retired English professor and is well acquainted with books, he helps Montag in his rebellion.

Granger lives in a non-conformist community outside the city as a book himself. Granger's community values the ideas held in books, but avoids illegal keeping of books by memorizing the text of books valued by the community's residents.

Granger's hope is that one day his community will be called upon to rewrite the classic literature that they are holding in memory until such a day.

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