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After Montag has fled the city, he meets with a group of men, headed by Granger, who have organised themselves into a "loose network." As part of this network, Montag must be able to recall his chosen books at any given time, so that this knowledge can be passed on to a future generation. This will be done by "word of mouth" when men will be called in "one by one" to recite what they know. In Montag's case, he has memorised two books from the Bible: the Book of Revelation and the Book of Ecclesiastes. As Granger comments, it is better to memorise books or sections of books than to rely on having physical copies or using microfilm:

Better to keep it in the old heads where no one can see it or suspect it.

Montag also has another important function as part of this network. According to Granger, he must remember that he is "not important" and that he represents nothing more than a "dust-jacket" for the books that he has memorised. By this, Granger means that he must never become haughty or feel superior as a result of the knowledge he has accrued. His job is only to remember this information, not to pass judgement on those who do not possess it.

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