What is the significance of each part's name in Fahrenheit 451?

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Part I is called "The Hearth and the Salamander."  I think the "hearth" part refers to two things.  First, it refers to fire, which is a big part of the story.  Second, a hearth is seen as a very homey think -- think of the phrase "hearth and home."  This is sort of ironic because Montag's home (hearth) is really not very homey at all.  The salamander refers to the logo of the firemen.

Part II is the "Sieve and the Sand."  It refers to the problems Montag has thinking about society and the things he reads.  It's like trying to fill a sieve with sand -- the ideas keep slipping away.

Part III is called "Burning Bright."  I think this refers to what happens to Beatty and to the city.  I think "bright" is important because it shows that these fires are going to bring brightness -- they're going to improve the world.

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