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What details are given about the hobos and Granger in Fahrenheit 451?

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In Fahrenheit 451, Granger is the leader of the "book people" who have banded together to memorize important parts of books to keep the books "alive" in this dystopian society that burns books.  The "book people" are considered hobos who travel the countryside hiding from the government, which would like to rid society of these people.  They are a threat to the government because they are carrying on education and the history and philosophy of the past through their memorized lines.  They are free thinkers who understand what is lost when you burn books.  Montag joins this group after escaping the city and memorizes Revelations 22:2 and Ecclesiastes 3:1 from the Bible as his contribution to the group.  The group, Granger, and Montag are symbols of hope that a new world will include the works of poets, philosophers, historians, and other important writers who will reinstate thinking for oneself and the understanding of individuality in society.  Because Montag memorizes verses from the Bible, the reader can predict that he will become an important leader in the group.

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