In the novel Fahrenheit 451, who is Montag's greatest ally?

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There are several characters throughout the novel that aid Montag in his search to find meaning in life and engage in intellectual pursuits. However, I feel that Faber is Montag's greatest ally because he explains why books are important and willingly risks his safety to help Montag challenge the authoritative regime. When Montag visits Faber's home for the first time, Faber gives Montag insight into the importance of literature and allows him to take a two-way communication device. From the safety of his home, Faber gives Montag advice via the green bullet. After Montag kills Captain Beatty, Faber offers Montag refuge in his home while the authorities search for him. Faber also helps Montag flee the Hound and tells him where to find a group of traveling intellectuals. Faber's advice and selfless support make him Montag's greatest ally throughout the novel.

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