How does children's TV viewing relate to Fahrenheit 451?

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The people in the society that exists in Fahrenheit 451 are obsessed with t.v.  They have televisions as large as their walls that are entirely interactive, so people can become a part of the shows themselves.  They watch hours and hours of television.  In our society, children are watching more and more television.  More and more programming is designed for kids, and instead of going out and playing outside, or with each other, or with toys, they are sitting in front of the t.v.  In the book itself, the kids watch a lot of t.v.  Clarisse mentions how all of her peers like to watch television, and one of Mildred's friends who has kids said that the one day in ten that her kids are actually home, "you just heave them into the 'parlor' and turn the switch."  So, the women in their society that do have children just stick their kids in front of the t.v. instead of actually interacting with them.  Often, in our society, that happens also.   Television is becoming the new babysitter, and all too often, replaces the parents in terms of teaching kids.

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